Tool for deciphering Spreadsheets?

I just recently had a multipage Excel spreadsheet/workbook discarded in my lap. Exist any tools to help in deciphering spreadsheets? At the moment I click in a little cell to see what exists, then I click in some other little cell that it referrals, then I click in 3 other cells that it uses and relatively rapidly I’m lost in a maze of twisty little cells, all alike.

Moving the “result” or “overall” type formulae in column A, the cells that are referenced by the outcome in B, any cells that these reference in C and so on. It might also be useful to move the look-ups next to the solutions they’re utilized in, or put them all on the very same sheet.

In Excel, go to the Tools menu, open the Solution Auditing sub-menu, and use the Track Precedents menu item there, it will reveal you arrows leading into the cell you’re presently at. Obviously, you need to go to the source of these and duplicate the procedure to obtain more information.

Often such sheets include deeply nested formulae that are really tough to comprehend. I have found this tool vital in assisting to understand these.

In addition to the auditing tools, the easiest tool and the one I use most is to select a cell and hit F2 to have all the cell recommendations in the formula and the referenced cells highlighted with colour coding.

FormulaDesk is a new free Excel add-in that makes it quick and simple to understand and explore complicated formulas. It likewise helps pinpoint mistakes in your solutions and also offers a better formula editor. [Disclosure – this is my item]

Understand and check out solutions by clicking sub-expression results to toggle (show/hide) the embedded expressions. When they have actually been discarded in your lap, this makes it simpler to comprehend other people’s solutions.

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