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I require an import tools for a web app. I have actually been browsing and discovered some, just not sure about their stability. I’m using the Zend Structure for part of the project and was hoping I could find an import tool there, because I already have the framework, however could not see one … am I searching in the incorrect place?

I would like the web users to be able to import csv, stand out files into a mysql database. If possible, I ‘d like the tool to permit the users to choose the columns of the spreadsheet/csv to match up to the database columns, import data to excel in c# For the exporting side I’m leaning to utilizing jasper reports to export a dataset to csv, excel … is this a good/bad concept?

Exist some tools industrial or complimentary tools that you have used and would recommend, to permit me to integrate this function into my website?

Attempt the jQuery plugin: table2csv. It converts an HTML table into a CSV file. Utilize the argument, shipment:’worth’, to return the csv as a string.

Here’s an example implementation. I know it’s in C#, however there’s only a little code involved. It would be simple to port to PHP.

The brand-new role I have taken on is with a company who are really dependent on stand out, and who have hundreds of field based engineers who utilize spreadsheets as their sole technique of interaction. Examinations are performed, results are tape-recorded on a macro-fuelled design template, which is them emailed to head office (generally as a pdf– the template has the capability to export to this format). The contents are them are by hand entered onto another spreadsheet that serves as a sort of master overview. This ‘master introduction’ is them emailed out to several Area Managers who complete an ‘Action’ field and email the ‘master introduction’ back to head office. Of course, by this time there are a number of copies of the ‘master overview’ flying about that them need to be consolidated onto one file and de-duped if required. This is in addition to the manual step at the start of data going into from a pdf (which originally remained in excel prior to exporting and emailing). Because the template actually has some clever stuff on it that ultimately does not get recorded from the information entry phase, this is a great pity. I have been tasked with streamlining this repetitive and laborious process, and I am searching for some inspiration, or some recognized methods from companies who undertake comparable activity. I am not a software application designer (I’m believing some sort of app must be developed), and I think I am quite much stuck (in the meantime) with stand out 2010 and elbow grease.

Why a PDf format? Can they email the spreadsheet as an excel attachment, then compose a script to transfer the details?

I need to do something comparable each morning for reports. Everybody else here gets in the details by hand. I use a fundamental script that does a standard copy and paste routine between 2 various spreadsheets. I make sure some “genuine” developers might offer you something far better, however currently the following script works for me.

Does your proposal include having the ‘user interface’ of the file conserve the information on a covert tab utilizing VBA, then, once the stand out file shows up, we could write a VBA script to extract the data from the hidden tab and add it to a master file? I need to do 2 things – unlock the VBA in the worksheet to customize the file to save the information on a back tab, and compose the script.

I use a “design template” file (spreadsheet) that I put info from 2 spreadsheets that are exported from a websites report, and a CSV file (text). I then use the info collected to take into 4 other seperate spreadsheets.

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