Generate sql insert script from excel worksheet

I have a big stand out worksheet that I wish to add to my database.

Can I generate an SQL insert script from this excel worksheet in c#?

I believe importing using one of the methods mentioned is perfect if it really is a big file, however you can use Excel to produce insert declarations. You can develop a suitable table through management studio interface and insert information into the table.

This is as it takes into consideration column names and eliminates assemble errors due to quotes in the column. The final column is an example of a numerical value column, without quotes.

Depending upon the database, you can export to CSV then utilize an import technique.

You might use VB to compose something that will output to a file row by row including the appropriate sql statements around your data. I have actually done this before.

There are tools that transform files online but be mindful about which ones you utilize – some will release modified files to the web.

You can use the below C# Technique to create the insert scripts using Excel sheet just you need import OfficeOpenXml Package from NuGet Package Supervisor prior to executing the method.

I would like to export this information to Microsoft Excel so that I will have a list of similar data when filled at different times. If I desire to compare pages, filling a page one time doesn’t actually tell me much especially.

if you right click on any of the rows you can export the product or the entire information set as HAR which appears to be a JSON format.


It shouldn’t be extremely difficult to script up something to change that to a csv if you really need it in excel, but if you’re already scripting you may also just use the script to ask your concerns of the data.

I was attempting to copy the size data determined from Chrome Network and discovered this post. I simply discovered a much easier way to “export” the data out to excel which is to copy the table and paste to excel.

The trick is click Control + A (choose all) and as soon as the entire table will be highlighted, paste it to Microsoft Excel. The only issue is if there are too lots of fields, not all rows are copied and you might have to copy and paste a number of times.

I encountered the very same problem, and discovered that much easier method is to undock the developer tool’s video to a different window! (Utilizing the ideal hand top corner toolbar button of developer tools window) and in the brand-new window, simply say select all and copy and paste to stand out!

I had very same issue for which I came here. With some trials, I found out for copying several pages of chrome data as in the question I zoomed out till I got all the information in one page, that is, without scroll, with really little typeface size. Now copy and paste that in stand out which copies all the records and in normal font.

In more modern variations of Chrome you can just drag a.har file into the network tab of Chrome Dev Tools to load it.

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