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I am trying to fix a bunch of email addresses that I have in an excel file. For some reason, in the past, some import routine decided to slice off some email addresses that were too long or somehow, the last letter was removed. This is for our company newsletter list.

So I have 100’s of emails in my list that end in .ne or .co or .or instead of .net, .com, or .org.

I can use Excel’s replace utility to find broken emails by using the search term of *.ne and selecting find exact matches only.

But when I indicate I want to replace that found item with *.net, the actual content of the offender is replaced with that: *.net instead of the first portion of the email address.

Is there any function or can I use that tool to find and replace in this scenario?

I just wrote this macro and tested it on three different email addresses ending in .com, .net, and .org. There is no error-checking and this macro assumes that the email addresses are somewhere within the columns A-Z. It might also try and append an ‘m’, ‘t’, or ‘g’ to other data matching the “.co” etc. criteria.

This macro basically scans for cells between A1 and Z30000 (as you mentioned you had a number of addresses) and looks for anything ending in .co .ne or .or. It appends the proper letter to make the address ‘complete’. I hope this helps.

I would suggest adding a column that uses a formula to display the needed letter. Then use one more column to concatenate. Then do a big “paste values” onto the original column. c# excel editing tool http://www.iditect.com/product/excel/

As title but would like the flexibility to specify how the output xml file will look like. Any free tool available on windows platform that I can use to achieve that?

I found this tool to be exactly what I needed (it’s in German, though): CSV2XML

It is written in Java and comes as a .jar file with a little Swing UI. It’s somewhat configurable regarding input and output format, too.

The easiest way is to use http://xmlgrid.net online tool to convert csv or Excel xls/xlsx to XML. The converted XML will be displayed in an XML grid editor which allows you to change element/attribute names, delete or add rows/columns.

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